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Basic Use of Force and Tactics

This is a physically demanding training course and participants must be injury free and in good physical condition before entering the course.  

Tuition is free for all Vermont Law Enforcement Officer candidates who are sponsored by a Vermont Law Enforcement Agency and are pursuing level I or Level II law enforcement certification.

You must be sponsored and employed by a law enforcement agency to attend this course.

Note: Gym attire to include gym shoes, duty belt, baton and handcuffs and cuff key are required for this course.

This course is designed to provide officers with the basics for self-protection and control and/or restraint of adversaries.  This course consists of classroom lecture, gym-work and scenario-based training. 

Successful completion of the course will require the student to attend the full blocks of training as well as pass written and proficiency testing for basic MDTS certification.

Written testing requires a minimum score of 80% to pass and proficiency testing requires 100% acceptable score on the Minimal Acceptable Performance Standards set forth by Safariland and the VCJTC.


Effective 1 January, 2014 per Council ruling, all persons seeking certification as law enforcement officers after that date must attend and successfully complete a Council approved training course for MDTS before receiving Level I, II or III law enforcement certification. The four-hour handcuff training provided during the Level I and II basic certification course does not meet this requirement, and only gives them the authority to carry and use handcuffs under the guidelines set forth in the provisional certification for Levels I or II. Officers must also attend and successfully complete a Council approved baton and/or Oleoresin Capsicum aerosol projector course before having the authority to carry and use a baton and/or OC. This course meets the minimum requirements under this new rule.