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About the Criminal Justice Council

Our Mission

The mission of the Vermont Criminal Justice Council is to establish rules, policies, regulations and standards for certification and training of criminal justice personnel and to serve as a resource to municipalities, counties, and the state to improve the quality of citizen protection. We will accomplish our mission by developing a comprehensive program to provide high quality criminal justice training in a cooperative, efficient and effective manner through proper utilization of modern technology and coordination of our facility. We provide an aggressive in-service training calendar designed to meet this goal.

Become Involved

Are you interested in listening in on the work that is being done with the VCJC? Attend any of our meetings from the link below.

Are you interested in serving on a Committee/Subcommittee? Please send an email of interest to

Statutory Authority

The statutory authority for the Council is derived from 20 V.S.A., Chapter 151, as amended.

Council Composition

The council composition is derived from 20 V.S.A. § 2352.

2024 Council Meeting Dates

All meetings will be held virtually starting at 10:00AM unless otherwise noted (click this link for meeting access on the first wednesday of every month).

  • January 16th (9AM-5PM)
  • February 7th (10AM-12PM)
  • February 20th (9AM-5PM)
  • March 7th (10AM-12PM)
  • March 19th (9AM-5PM)
  • April 3rd (10AM-12PM)
  • April 23rd (9AM-5PM)
  • May 1st (10AM-12PM)
  • May 21st (9AM-5PM)
  • June 5th (10AM-12PM)
  • June 18th (9AM-5PM)
  • July 3rd (10AM-12PM)
  • July 16th (9AM-5PM)
  • August 7th (10AM-12PM)
  • August 20th (9AM-5PM)
  • September 4th (10AM-12PM)
  • September 17th (9AM-5PM)
  • October 2nd (10AM-12PM)
  • October 15th (9AM-5PM)
  • November 6th (10AM-12PM)
  • November 19th (9AM-5PM)
  • December 4th (10AM-12PM)
  • December 17th (9AM-5PM)

Link to agendas and minutes for the Council