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Use of Force Committee

Use of Force Committee

Meeting Dates:

  • April 12th
  • July 26th
  • October 11th

Coordinated by Jason Williams, Training Coordinator

The UOF Committee is composed of troopers, officers, wardens, and deputies from various agencies throughout the state and range in rank from Corporals to Chiefs.  The committee members are appointed by the Executive Director of the Vermont Police Academy.  These members are considered to be advanced and very knowledgeable in their fields of training.  These fields include: firearms, non-lethal use of force, baton, rifle, and oleoresin capsicum.  The committee is overseen by an academy representative and has an elected chairman.

The committee has many responsibilities included in its purview.  Listed below are some of the responsibilities, which also may include any issues brought forth by the Executive Director for review.

  1. Reviewing/recommending curriculum for use of force classes for the basic programs and instructor programs.
  2. Providing guidance to instructors throughout the state in their use of force training.
  3. Recommend changes and improvements to the facility for use of force training.
  4. Recommend minimum standards for use of force instructors.
  5. Providing input for implementation of programs related to use of force.
  6. Reviewing special requests of use of force instructor recertification packets that are not standard.


  • Chair: Donald Keeler, Sheriff, Addison County Sheriff's Office
  • Vice Chair: Drew Bloom, Captain, VT DMV
  • Scott Fisher, Officer, Middlebury PD
  • Russell Shopland, Warden, VT Dept of FandW
  • Robbie Blish, Chief, Woodstock PD
  • Lianne Tuomey, Chief, UVM Police Services
  • Walter Smith, Lt., VSP
  • Michael Akerlind, Cpl., Colchester PD
  • Matthew Murano, Sgt., Wilmington PD
  • George (Randy) Crowe, Sgt., Bristol PD
  • Randy Lopes, Cpl., Burlington PD
  • Eugene Duplissis Sgt., Vermont State Police
  • Wade Johnson, Vermont Department of Corrections