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DUI Enforcement Certification

This 40-hour course provides police officers with the knowledge and skills to operate the DMT Infrared Breath Testing Device used to collect evidentiary breath samples for DUI cases. The course, delivered by VCJC certified instructors, instructors from the Vermont Forensic Laboratory Toxicology Section, the Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program and the State's Attorney's Office, provides Infrared Breath Testing Device Certification.

The following topics are also discussed:

  • DUI Law and Case Law
  • Physiological and Psychological Effects of Alcohol
  • DUI Detection and Apprehension Techniques
  • Standardized Field Sobriety Exercises
  • DUI Processing Forms
  • Courtroom Testimony at the DUI Trial
  • Introduction to Drugged Driving

* Officers must bring their own copy of Title 23.

* Homework Required.