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Rescue Task Force / Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

This course is designed to provide law enforcement officers with the knowledge and training to conduct warm zone operations, in conjunction with EMS, during an active threat / shooter event. This one day course will consist of a review of active threat / shooter statistics, tactics and trends, and will discuss the emerging paradigm shift for an integrated response from both law enforcement agencies and emergency medical services. It will present the three phases of tactical care (Hot / Warm / Cold) and expose law enforcement to their respective roles and responsibilities within each phase. It will include a practical skills session, where law enforcement will be exposed to new tactics and techniques that will help them to safely and successfully negotiate a warm zone with their EMS partners, and will culminate with scenario based training. We must work together in order to save lives during an active threat / shooter event, so it makes sense to train together. This is an excellent opportunity for law enforcement and emergency medical providers to train alongside their respective counterparts in the area or locality they would expect to work in or around, as they are likely to be among the first on scene to one of these events.
Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive a TECC certification from the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT).
Slots are limited for law enforcement, as we strive to keep a good student to instructor ratio. If you are interested in this opportunity, or would like more information, please contact Nick Carson as he will handle all course registrations.

Course will be hosted at the Newport Fire & Rescue building, 830 Union St, Newport VT.

Nick Carson FP-C
Chief Information Officer