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Polygraph Policy Information

The agency head or designee must submit a Statement of Completion, certifying the candidate for Level III training has been fingerprinted within one (1) year of entry and has had a polygraph examination within twenty-four (24) months of entry. This document further qualifies the candidate has successfully passed a comprehensive background investigation and Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council medical examination.  The medical examination must have been completed not more than six (6) months prior to entry for Level – III Basic Training.

If a candidate for Level III training has been working full time (at least 40 hours per week for at least six months) with a Level II law enforcement certification prior to admittance to Level III training, no polygraph examination is required, provided the candidate received a polygraph examination prior to employment. If a candidate with Level – II certification has been working less-than full time prior to admittance to Level III training, a polygraph examination is required if more than twenty-four (24) months has elapsed prior to admittance.

Candidates for Level III training who have been previously certified as Level II officers for a period of more than three years are required to take a polygraph examination and undergo a fingerprint-based background check prior to being admitted to Level III training.