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Canine Certification

Canine Patrol School

Date and time: July 8, 2024 · 8:30am – October 25, 2024 · 4:30pm EDT

Location: Vermont Police Academy 317 Academy Rd. Pittsford, VT 05763

About this event

When you register for this course, you pay a base fee which covers the tuition, after completion of the course the overnight fees are billed based on the number of days you actually spent at the academy. Prior to day 1 of the class a sign-up sheet will be provided for meals and overnights, this will correspond with daily rosters.

Tuition: $992

Per Meal Costs: Breakfast: $9.75    Lunch: $13.95    Dinner: $15.75   

Overnights: $22 per night


  • Canine handler must be a certified law enforcement officer with a minimum of (3) three years of law enforcement experience before entering the canine program. Prior experience as a military working dog Handler may be taken into consideration.
  • Canine evaluations must occur prior to acceptance into the program. Canine evaluations will take place July 1st and 2nd from 3-5PM at the Vermont Police Academy. Registration is not required but please notify Jennifer Hier ( in advance of the screening which date you will attend for planning purposes.
  • Handlers are required to meet the minimum VCJC K9 Program Physical Fitness Assessment.
  • It is highly recommended that police administrators use the Canine Committee to conduct interviews for departments who have the desire to identify potential handlers for the requirement.
  • By application and acceptance into the Vermont Police Canine Program, it is understood that Handlers will conduct themselves by the Standard of Conduct as defined by Police Professionals who undergo Basic Training at the Vermont Police Academy.
  • Team Specific Program
  • Certifications Available: VCJC

Registration Form

Contact the Vermont Police Academy for more information at 802.483.6228

VCJC K9 Program Physical Fitness Assessment

Handler or Handler candidate will be required to wear uniform/tactical pants (individual preference), boots; and duty belt with body armor or carry a 25-30 pound backpack supplied by the handler.

The exercise shall consist of an approximate 1.5 mile course around the Academy property. The pace should be brisk, taking safety into consideration, but running is not permitted. The course will include maneuvering around downed trees, a water crossing, a hill, and other agility like obstacles.

The course will be completed by the handler with his/her dog. Teams will be spaced to minimize occasions where a team will pass another team. The course will be marked.

The exercise is not timed, but all obstacles shall be completed. Dropping the dog is not permitted.

Handlers may bring whatever gear they feel is appropriate and may include water or other items in their tracking pack. 

K9 Route

VCJC K9 Standards