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Highway Safety Sub-Committe

The Highway Safety Committee’s membership is comprised of individuals with a range of expertise surrounding highway safety issues as related to law enforcement training. This committee is tasked with the review, implementation and oversight of law enforcement training matters related to highway safety. The committee reviews instructor certification requirements as required and addresses specific charges assigned by the Executive Director. The Highway Safety Committee’s mission is to address law enforcement training relative to the following:
• Law enforcement vehicle operations
• Impaired driving enforcement to include alcohol and drugged driving, Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) and Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE)
• Crash investigation
• Motor vehicle law
• Other issues tasked to the committee by the Executive Director relative to highway safety.


Sub-Committee Members
• Chair: Lt. Kevin Geno, Rutland County, Sheriff’s Office
• Sgt. Jay Riggen, Vermont State Police
• Lt. Camillo Grande Bennington Police Department
• LEL Paul White, State Highway Safety Office Behavioral Safety Unit
• LEL Bill Jenkins, State Highway Safety Office Behavioral Safety Unit
• Mandy White, Vermont Highway Safety Alliance
• Anthony Facos, Department of Motor Vehicles
• Michael Major, Vermont Police Association

Agendas and Minutes