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Training Advisory Sub-Committee (TAC)

The Training Advisory Committee (TAC) is comprised of representatives from throughout the Vermont Criminal Justice System. The TAC's primary charge is to conduct comprehensive reviews of new and updated curriculums for basic training and in-service academy programs (excluding those specifically charged to other VCJC sub-committees). The TAC recommends acceptance or denial of training programs to the Executive Director and in addition to these reviews, the TAC periodically conducts scheduled reviews of Level – II and Level – III training to ensure they are reflective of the current needs, legalities and best recommended practices encompassing modern policing. The TAC is responsible for review of academy instructor certification and re-certification requests in instances where extenuating circumstances arise causing staff to seek their counsel. In addition to these responsibilities, the TAC may undertake special assignments as tasked by the Executive Director.

Sub-Committee Members

• Chair: Sgt. Jason Covey, Middlebury Police Department
• Vice Chair: Chief George Merkel, Vergennes Police
• Chief Derrick Tienken, Winhall Police
• Sgt. Fred Whitcomb, Stowe Police
• Sheriff. Jennifer Harlow, Orleans CSD
• Sgt. Andrew Bent, Washington CSD
• Chief Skyler Genest, Vermont Department of Liquor Control
• Lt. Bob Giolito, Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
• Sgt. Dan Delgado, Burlington Police
• Maira Tungatarova, Governor Appointed VCJC Member
• Christopher Louras, Governor Appointed VCJC Member
• Jennifer Morrison, Department of Public Safety
• Warden Jeremy Schmid, Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife
• Brian Searles, Governor Appointed VCJC Member

Agenda and Minutes

Next meeting will be held on 8-25-2022 at 12:30 - 1400  Click here to join the meeting