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NHTSA Doppler Radar Operator Certification

This course is offered regionally about 4 times each year and twice at the Academy (post-basic, limited seating).

  • Coordinator: Sara Couture
  • Length of Course: 8 hours
  • Course hours: 0800-1600
  • Date/Location: June 2, 2016/VPA (Post-Basic Limited Seating)
  • Tuition: None if initial training.  $22.00 @ the Vermont Police Academy (includes lunch and materials), $6.50  off campus ( includes materials).

This course delivered by VCJTC certified Instructors is designed to provide police officers with the necessary certification to set-up, test, and operate radar devices for speed measurement. The eight-hour class which includes both classroom and field experience provides the officer with the knowledge and skills to operate both stationary and moving radar. The following topics are presented: Doppler theory; VT statutory and case law regarding speed enforcement; operation of specific speed measurement devices; and courtroom testimony.