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111th Graduation Update

The Vermont Police Academy will not be hosting an in-person graduation ceremony scheduled for Friday, August 20th.

This was a difficult decision and required considerable discussion and consult with law enforcement leaders and health experts.

The VPA and the VCJC together has a mission to cultivate well trained and prepared officers, and this includes our responsibility to stay vigilant in protecting the workforce from vulnerability. The aggressive nature of the Delta Variant and the number of law enforcement personnel in one place creates the potential for exposure that we have a duty to address. As you know graduations are also family events, and this event potentially compromises children too young to vaccinate. Most of you are aware that the VPA staff will move immediately into planning for an October academy. These dedicated staff though mighty and committed, are also a small group, and we need to reduce any unnecessary chances of exposure so that we can operationally meet the needs of the current police community and do our part in addressing the staffing shortage.

 I know this is disappointing, particularly given how close we are to the end. We have profound gratitude to the 111th for committing to this profession and stepping up during a time that has law enforcement experiencing unprecedented pressure.

The nature of this work requires sacrifice for the greater good. The 111th graduates and their families are beginning their career with an act of sacrifice by forgoing the traditional celebration. The Vermont Police Academy is committed to assisting in remedying the law enforcement shortages by making sure that we stay open and keep our recruits and colleagues safe and ready.   

Our decision is driven by the critical need for an abundance of caution to protect everyone. This includes our first responders as well as our mental health, and medical providers who show up courageously day after day regardless of citizen choices regarding masks and vaccinations. Our hope is that you support this decision, in doing so we are all doing our part in mitigating the spread of this cruel and relentless variant, and hopefully lighten the load for our friends and family in healthcare as well.


During its Wednesday 7/21/21 meeting, and based on a recommendation from its Entrance Testing Working Group, the Vermont Criminal Justice Council voted to suspend the current written entrance test effective immediately.  The Council expects to replace that written entrance test exam with a new exam in the near future; but until that date the Council will not require the administration of the written entrance test exam for a candidate’s admission to any Vermont Police Academy training, including the Level II Basic Training Class in September 2021 and the 112th Level III Basic Training Class in February 2022.

The Academy will continue to conduct the MMPI and PT entrance tests for agencies.  But because of the elimination of the written entrance test exam, the schedule for the entrance testing process will change.  We ask that candidates arrive at the Academy at 8:30AM with ID and dressed in PT gear.  PT will start at 9:00AM.  For candidates who will be continuing with the MMPI, the test will begin at 11:00AM.

We understand many agencies have candidates registered through the end of the year.  These candidates no longer need to be registered for the written entrance test exam; but they will be required to go through the registration process for the PT and MMPI.

We ask each agency to please reach out to the candidates that the agency has registered and ensure these candidates are aware of the updated changes.  We will be posting information on our website and through various media platforms.

All questions pertaining the process moving forward with entrance testing can be directed to VCJC Director of Administration, Lindsay Thivierge (

MMPI and Physical Testing Dates

  • September 28, 2021
  • October 5, 2021
  • October 19, 2021
  • November 9, 2021
  • November 30, 2021

Information Regarding Use of Force Training during COVID-19 Restrictions

Creation of the Council Advisory Committee.

Per 20 VSA 2410 the Council Advisory Committee has been created. The Council Advisory Committee shall advise and assist the Criminal Justice Training Council in developing procedures to ensure that allegations of unprofessional conduct by law enforcement officers are investigated fully and fairly, and to ensure that appropriate action is taken in regard to those allegations. This is a governor appointed committee and as such interested persons should follow this link to submit an application to join.