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Drug Recognition Expert Applications are now being accepted, click here for more information. Application deadline is May 13, 2022.

All Rule 13 requirements are due before March 1st.

The ONLY extension that is applicable to training is the extension in place until June 30, 2022 for the 2021 Fair and Impartial Policing. This means that for 2022 officers will be taking the 2021 FIP and the 2022 Domestic Violence to fulfill requirements.

Please see below for a reminder on the Rule 13 process

Annual Rule 13 Reporting Requirements

The calendar year following certification as a law enforcement officer, and every calendar year thereafter, each certified law enforcement officer shall participate in a minimum of thirty (30) hours of certified or certifiable in-service training. Such training shall include firearms re qualification under the supervision of a Council-certified firearms instructor, four (4) hours of use of force & tactics refresher training under the supervision of a Council-certified use of force & tactics instructor, first aid training unless currently certified in first aid, CEW annual training if certified to carry a CEW, and any mandated training.

Each law enforcement agency head shall submit to the Academy the current Rule 13 report summarizing the in-service training received by members of that agency during the previous calendar year. Said report shall be submitted prior to March 1st of every year and shall be in a format approved by the Executive Director.

The Council may require specific training to be obtained by all officers as part of their annual in-service training each year. The Council may also require individual officers to obtain specified training. Notice must be given to all law enforcement agency heads by December 1 of the prior calendar year.

The agency's training records shall be available for review by a representative of the Council staff upon reasonable notice.

For questions regarding the Rule 13 process please contact Administrative Services Coordinator Gail Williams at 802-483-6228 or via email at

Rule 13 Reporting Guidelines

  1. Submit the report to the Academy on time (no later than March 1).
  2. Include training hours for every officer you employed during the calendar year, including those officers who left employment during the calendar year.
  3. Report all training hours for each officer. This includes your in-house training and trainings through the Academy.
  4. Include documentation in your report for any officer who has failed to complete their mandatory training.
  5. Verify that any hours completed under an approved waiver to bring an officer back into compliance are not also counted towards completion of the current calendar years requirements.
  6. If an officer did not meet Rule 13 requirements you must apply for a waiver as needed, to request time to bring the officer into compliance.