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Information and Documentation for your FTO program


2022 Re-Certification for FTO’s are published and are online where you can view at your convenience.  Just a reminder that you’ll have until 12/31/2022 to complete that training.

A reminder to anyone who has recently graduated or plans to attend an Out of State FTO School.  Upon your return, your agency should contact me to arrange a time to meet regarding the Vermont specific documents and rules around both Level II training, Out of State Waivers and the auditing process for those packets.  This training will provide you with your Vermont Field Training Officer certification and introduce you to the re-certification process.

Documentation for FTO’s

Below, please find links to all of the available Field Training Documentation provided by the VCJC for your use.  With each will be a brief explanation of its use in the FTO process and what documentation must be submitted for Level II Non-Provisional Certification.  These are available, but not required for those agencies using the FTO or PTO program for Level III officers and may be used however the agency sees fit.  Some of these are required for those agency’s requesting Level II certification and will be noted as such. 

Point of Contact:

Dan Pennington, FTO Coordinator. 802-483-2744, Vermont Police Academy, 317 Academy Road, Pittsford VT 05763

Documentation Links for the FTO’s

FTO Certification Application  This form is no longer required.  Your attendance at the FTO School is the only requirement.

FTO Certification Extension Request  If you have missed a Re-Certification over the course of a year for whatever reason, you may apply for an extension outlining your reason for not attending and continuing support from your agency head.

FTO Certification Application - Out of State  If you have attended an out of state FTO/PTO school, you may apply for Vermont FTO certification.  To complete this, you will need to arrange a time to meet with the FTO TC to review Vermont specific documents, laws and VCJC requirements.

Helpful Links for the Level II process

CEC-1 Core and Elective Courses    Current required course list and requirements for Level II Non-Provisional completion.  Please note that there are courses that are VCJC required curriculum, courses that may be completed through computer based training, and others that require a minimum number of months of completion prior to the submittal date.

Use of Force and Tactics Reporting Form in Word format   Required documentation should the provisional officer complete their Non-Lethal Use of Force Training with an in-house instructor.  As a reminder, they will still be required to arrange a time with TC Jacob Hansell to test out.

Process forms

If you're looking for the forms used with the 109th Basic Training Class click here.

FTEP-1 FTO Daily Observation Report (DOR) in Word format The standardized DOR, most current version.

Instructions for using the FTEP-1 DOR Please Note: This is a locked form and can only be filled in. The general text cannot be modified. If you wish to have an unlocked version, please email FTEP Coordinator Dan Pennington with your request. Please include a reason for wanting an unlocked version with your request.)

FTEP-1 DOR Standardized Evaluation Guidelines Grading matrix for both the evaluator as well as the new officer.

FTEP-1A DOR Narration Continuation Addendum to Daily Observation Report for continued narration

FTEP-1B DOR Performance Chart in Excel format At a glance document that allows agency, FTO and new officer to see exactly what their performance level is.

FTEP-1C Remedial Training Plan Additional training plan documented with goals and objectives clearly outlined.

FTEP-1D Field Notes Easy method of recording information while on the road.

FTEP-1E Report Log in Word format Work product documentation

FTEP-1F VCVC Log Traffic/Ordinance violations listed

FTEP-1G Written Warning Log

FTEP-2 Field Training Officer (FTO) Checklist Officer’s Standard Task Checklist. Required documentation for all basic standards.  Note that this document requires FTO and Trainee to date and initial completion of each task.

Completion Documentation:

FTEP-3 FTO's Final Recommendation

LIIAR Agency Head Final Recommendation

The audit form used when the Academy receives completed packets for the Level II Non-Provisional Certification is here

This may help agencies know if they have all required material and what the VCJC requires for that certification and is not required for the FTO or Agency to complete.  This is an in house document only, but may be useful to ensure completeness.


The Academy does not require original documentationAll originals must be retained by the parent agency as part of that officers training history.  The agency may send hard copy documents to the Academy, or scan and electronically send completed packets for Level II Non-Provisional Certification to

Following submittal of those documents, please allow for a one week completion of the audit and approval by the Director of Training and Executive Director.  As a reminder, officers who have not been approved are NOT permitted to work by themselves at any time, for any reason.  They are still required to work in the presence of a full certified officer.