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Annual Training Requirements for Certification (Rule 20)


Mandatory Training Requirements for Law Enforcement Officers 2024

All law enforcement training acquired in 2024 must be submitted between January 1, 2025 and March 1, 2025. The annual training submission form (see below) is a mandated form for 2024. 

  • 30 hours to include:
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Firearms Qualification
  • CEW (if carrying)
  • Use of Force (4 hours with a VCJC certified Instructor)
  • Domestic Violence Response

The agency must submit a copy of all VCJC policies

Annual Training Submission: Rule 20 Affidavit 2024

CEW Attestation  (New Form​​)

Annual Training Requirements Summary 

VCJC Annual Mandatory Training Guidance 2024

Supporting Forms: These can be utilized by your agency if needed during the 2024 annual training submission process. These forms are not required but may help you gather and retain the documents needed for ease of annual training compliance.

Training Submittal Form (This form is not required but is a resource for agencies that do not currently have a training submission process that officers can utilize. Officers should use this form to submit any trainings they have attended to their agency head throughout the calendar year. This form should be utilized and given to an agency head prior to the deadline for submission of Rule 20 annual training requirements (December 31, 2024).

In-service VCJC Waiver Request (This form is only required if you have not completed required training by the end of the calendar year.)

Employment Notification Form (This form should only be utilized if you have not submitted a change of employment status for an officer in your department (new hire, resignation, termination, rank change, name change, or waiver status)




Instructor Bio's/CV's:

Online classes - When submitting annual training information for the 30 hours and you are utilizing online training, please include a printout with the course/instructor information accompanied by any certificates/rosters if available. This information should be filed with your course record and be available on request.