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VCJTC Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

The mission of the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council is to improve public safety by promoting excellence in law enforcement through the implementation of the highest standards for training, certification, and recognized best practices.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council is to consistently advance standards of excellence within the law enforcement community.

Goals and Objectives

We strive to improve the law enforcement profession through the enlistment of the highest standards in training and professionalism and in doing so, we serve the citizens of Vermont and the greater public safety community by fostering partnerships and promoting teamwork.  We work hard to provide a modern, efficient, and welcoming training environment where everyone is encouraged and empowered to succeed and we seek to develop and maintain the best personnel to train and support the guardians of our communities by encompassing all of our core values.

Vermont Police Core Values

  1. Integrity – Doing the right thing, honestly, when no one is watching.
  2. Discipline – Controlling one's emotions and actions.
  3. Teamwork – Working as one piece of a larger puzzle.  To subordinate one's individual interests to those of the group.
  4. Responsibility: Able to act without guidance or supervision and being accountable for one’s actions.
  5. Adaptability – The ability to adjust to new or changed information.
  6. Professionalism – Conduct both on and off duty that maintains the public’s respect for the police profession.
  7. Loyalty – Faithfulness to self, family, profession, government, and the public.
  8. Leadership – Positively influencing and motivating others.
  9. Respect – Showing consideration, honor, or esteem for others.
  10. Courage – The ability to face and cope with fear, danger, or adversity.

Contact Information

Vermont Criminal Justice Council
317 Academy Road - Main Building
Pittsford, VT 05763
Phone: 802.483.6228
Fax: 802.483.2343

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Send Public Information Requests to: Gail.Williams@vermont.gov

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