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Vermont Criminal Justice Council Members




William Sorrell

Governor Appointed


Brian Searles

Governor Appointed


Karim Chapman

Governor Appointed


Rachel Lawler

Governor Appointed



Governor Appointed


Christopher Louras

Governor Appointed


Shawn Pratt

Governor Appointed


Jennifer Morrison

Commissioner of Public Safety

Kevin Lane

Nick Deml

Commissioner Corrections

Glenn Boyde

Wanda Minoli

Commissioner of Motor Vehicles


Chris Herrick

Commissioner of Fish & Wildlife

Justin Stedman

Emily Hawes

Commissioner of Mental Health

 Kathleen Hentcy

Charity Clark

Attorney General

  Erin Jacobsen

John Campbell

E.D. States Attorney & Sheriff's

Timothy Lueders-Dumont

Xusana Davis

E.D. Office of Racial Equity

   Jay Greene

Erin Hodges

VT Troopers Association

 Michael O'Neil

Michael Major

VT Police Association


Jennifer Frank

VT Chief Association


Mark Anderson

VT Sheriff's Association

 Jennifer Harlow

Kelly Price

VT State Employee Association


Trevor Whipple

VT League of Cities and Towns

Gwynn Zakov

Jennifer Poehlmann

E.D. Center for Crime Victims Services

Sadie Donovan

Cassandra Burdyshaw

Human Rights Commission


Karen Tronsgard-Scott

E.D. VT Network DOMV/Sexual Violence

Sarah Robinson