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Annual Training Requirements for Certification (Rule 13)

Annual Training Requirements:

The 2023 Rule 13 form (see below) is the only mandated form for 2023. It is similar to last year's reporting including the following updates:

  • Attestation for carrying CEW
  • Attestation of submission of Race Data
  • Verifying submission of CEW displays and deployments for the year (already statutorily required)
  • A copy of all Council-mandated policies listed in the affidavit (already statutorily required)
  • The Rule 13 form is due by March 1, 2024, for the Jan 1-Dec 31, 2023, time frame. Waivers must be requested outside of that time period.
  • All changes in employment must be submitted.
  • Forms listed below (bottom of page) are the up-to-date documents for submission

Moving forward for 2023 there is a new “Annual Requirements Tracking Form”. This form is to be completed by individual officers for submission to their agency head for annual reporting. It is NOT required for submission in 2023 however we encourage agencies to begin to transition to this form as all documentation will be required for the annual training submissions in 2024. 

  • If instructors are submitting instructor hours as part of their annual training requirement they will only be able to submit 10 hours in one discipline. 

Rule 13 - Mandatory Annual In-Service Training for Law Enforcement Officers

  1. The calendar year following certification as a law enforcement officer, and every calendar year thereafter, each certified law enforcement officer shall participate in a minimum of thirty (30) hours of certified or certifiable in-service training. Such training shall include firearms re­ qualification under the supervision of a Council-certified firearms instructor, four (4) hours of use of force & tactics refresher training under the supervision of a Council-certified use of force & tactics instructor and first aid training unless currently certified in first aid.
  2. Each law enforcement agency head shall submit to the Executive Director a report summarizing the in-service training received by members of that agency during the previous calendar year. Said report shall be submitted prior to March 1st of every year and shall be in a format approved by the Executive Director.  
  3. The Council may require specific training to be obtained by all officers as part of their annual in-service training in a given year. The Council may also require individual officers to obtain specified training. Notice must be given to all law enforcement agency heads by December 1 of the prior calendar year.
  1. The agency's training records shall be available for review by a representative of the Council staff upon reasonable notice.

Additional Requirements:

  1. C.E.W. recertification (only required if the officer is assigned/carries a C.E.W. device), you must select if a C.E.W. is carried.
  2. Interacting with People Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis (Act 80) – all Vermont Officers must have attended this class by 6/30/2017. This course is only required to be completed once.
  3. Domestic Violence In-Service - completed every two years (even-numbered years).
  4. Fair and Impartial Policing In-Service - completed every two years (odd-numbered years).


Forms for 2022 Annual Training Requirements Submission:

Rule 13 Affidavit 2023 (The only mandated form for submission)

Employment Notification Form (only if you have not submitted for an officer that has departed or for any new officers)

Annual Requirements Tracking (not required but will be a tracking tool for individual officers to submit to agency heads prior to Rule 13 submissions for 2024)

Inservice VCJC Waiver Request (if you will be submitting the affidavit past the March 1, 2024 deadline)