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Recruiting, Hiring and Officer Retention

Recruiting, Hiring and Officer Retention

  • DATES:  8/22/2016 through 8/24/2016
  • INSTRUCTOR(S):  Harvey Finkel
  • LOCATION:  Vermont Fire Academy - 93 Davidson Drive, Pittsford, VT  05763
  • HOTEL:  Holiday Inn  - Rutland, VT  (802) 775-1911
    • $89.00 Single or Double
    • Identify with PATC to receive discounted rate.
  • COURSE REGISTRATION FEE:  $295.00 Includes all training materials, and a Certificate of Completion. Meals are not included.
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Course Objectives

The Recruiting, Hiring and Officer Retention course is segmented into four distinct training modules. The recruiting module will train the hiring officer/personnel on how to attract the best talent pool with diversity in mind. Next, the hiring module will discuss how to effectively work with Human Resources in order to conduct testing and interviewing. The background investigation module will then teach the individual how to properly administer a background investigation on potential job candidates. The final training module is retention, after you hire the individual, the best methods of to retain the talent will be detailed.


Recruiting with Diversity in mind

The goal of the recruiting component is to identify and attract talent from a diverse pool and to ensure that every candidate is treated fairly throughout the hiring process.  Most recruiters focus on identifying and attracting talent for the organization.  However, the recruiting manager must be equally concerned that once talented candidates are identified – especially diverse candidates – they have a rewarding experience in their interactions with the organization.  They must ensure that the application and screening processes are bias-free and that hiring


Define your process in a policy….Protect yourself!

Partners in the process: buy in from your city/county HR department ask them to assist you! Proctor the process so that it is fair and unbiased. Review your plans with them. Treat HR as your ally not the enemy. Community Involvement – if your agency has issues with the appearance of not being fair, ask your community leaders to become involved.


Many recruiting managers believe their job is complete when new diverse candidates are hired.  However, when you consider that organizations often spend tens of thousands of dollars to hire a single candidate, retention can be essential to the financial bottom line. Therefore, it is important for the recruiting manager to ensure their organization has strong on-boarding (orientation), mentoring, employee development and career counseling processes.  In addition, the manager should assess the need for employee support groups and recommend the creation of ones deemed necessary.

Background Investigations

Background investigators must be knowledgeable about all applicable local, state, and federal fair employment laws. They must be conversant in the legal requirements for appointment to the positions in question. They must heed all agency policies, practices, and operational limitations. They must base their inquiries and evaluations on candidate behaviors that have a direct relationship to the requirements and demands of the position, and they must do so with consistency and without bias. They must be able to articulate the information gathered from a wide variety of sources and how it is used in determining candidate suitability.

How do we treat a background investigation: Treat this process as you would any investigation, it is confidential, do not talk about this with anyone that does not have a need to know. Speak only to your supervisor or another investigator should you require advise or consul on information developed.

Instructor Bio

Harvey Finkel, Master Police Officer (Retd.)
Harvey served 14 years with the City of Charlottesville Police Department retiring in 2015 as a Master Police Officer. Harvey participated in over 60 hiring processes with the Charlottesville Police Department coordinating all phases from application to on boarding for new employees. He has experience as a recruiter, Hiring Manager and Background Investigator. For 10 years Harvey held a Crime Prevention Specialist (CPS) certification in Virginia which included qualification as a General Instructor. He taught Crime Prevention with the Virginia Crime Prevention Association and assisted the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services as an instructor for their Basic Crime Prevention course. A frequent instructor with the regional police academy both at their basic Law Enforcement Academy and for the In Service Program required for LEO continuing certification. Harvey holds an instructor certificate from the National Rifle Association for 3 curriculums.