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Team Two: A Training for Law Enforcement and Mental Health Crisis Workers

Team Two: A Training for Law Enforcement and Mental Health Crisis Workers

Session 1

Date: September 13th, 2016
Location: State Office Complex – Main Entrance Waterbury, Sally Fox Conference Center – Cherry Rooms A, B, C (directions will be sent to participants)
Registration Deadline: August 31st, 2016
Time: 8:30AM - 3:30PM
Cost: Free with food/breaks provided


Please complete this form and return it to Kristin Chandler by email at

Course Description

When a mental health crisis arises, whether it is within a family home, at a high school or in a public place, it is critical that the first responders are trained in mental health issues, in mental health law and in working together to resolve the crisis.  Team Two seeks to both educate the first responder and to build the relationships necessary to working together in crisis.  The training provides an overview of relevant mental health statutes and a refresher on mandatory law enforcement mental health training (ACT 80).  Three different scenarios are role played in break-out sessions with local teams of police and mobile crisis workers where specifics of response to the scenarios are discussed in detail.  Small groups report back to the entire group to hear feedback and discuss strategies.   A short video on law enforcement response to situations involving  persons with autism is shown and discussed.  Participants learn from a panel presentation which includes a person with mental illness, a family member, a crisis clinician and a law enforcement officer who all share personal stories.  Finally, in another break out session, the audience hears about resources in their particular regions. 

For more information about the training email Coordinator Kristin Chandler or call (802)236-5065

New in 2015-2016

Police dispatchers and developmental service crisis clinicians join the conversation!  Discussion on: Warrants, CHINS cases, the intoxicated individual with mental illness and practical tips comprise this scenario-based training.  

Completion of ACT 80 (Interacting with Persons with a Mental Illness) is a pre-requisite for law enforcement officers.