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Ambush Survival Tactics (previously known as Patrol Tactics "Mindset for Survival")

Ambush Survival Tactics  (previously known as Patrol Tactics "Mindset for Survival")

Presented by Sgt. Ray DeCunto (Ret.) of RAD Training Inc. 

  • Coordinator: Jason Williams
  • Length of course: 24 hours                                                                    
  • Course hours: 31 May – 2 June, 2017: 0800- 1700                                                                                          
  • Location: Vermont Police Academy
  • Tuition: Commuter $504.00 (lunch included), Overnight $582.00
  • Registration: Fax the in-service registration form (Word or PDF) to 802-483-2343 or email it to our registrar at

This three-day course is for law enforcement officers assigned to uniform patrol.  Classroom training alone is not enough.  Patrol officers need hands on training.  This course is designed with minimal classroom and maximum realistic scenario based training.  The following are topics covered during this training course:

  • Techniques for mental and physical peak performance to win
  • Less lethal and deadly force decision making through scenario based training
  • Dynamic and slow deliberate building clearing techniques
  • Techniques for traffic stops with violent encounters
  • Close quarter shooting tactics
  • Low light movement techniques
  • Ambush tactics
  • Armed suicidal subject encounters; “Suicide by cop”
  • Hostage encounters; containment vs. immediate action
  • Rescue carries and the trauma medical equipment needed
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for law enforcement responders

Who should attend: Uniform patrol officers, as well as units within patrol commonly referred to as street crimes and/or violent offender units.  If you are answering calls for service, conducting traffic stops or assigned to investigate crimes involving repeat or violent offenders, then this course is a must for you or your unit.