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NHTSA Laser Operator Certification

NHTSA Laser Operator Certification

This course is offered approximately four times each year at the academy, two of which are during Post-Basic classes, resulting in limited seating. Regional trainings may also occur throughout the year.

  • Coordinator:            Leslie Bodette
  • Length of course: 8 hours
  • Course hours:         0800 - 1600
  • Dates/Location:     
    • May 22, 2017 VPA
    • June 15, 2017 VPA (Post-Basic, Limited seating)
    • November 1, 2017 VPA
    • TBD (in December 2017, Post-Basic, Limited Seating)
  • Tuition: None if initial training for Vermont law enforcement officers.
    • Repeat/audit - $22.00 @ the Vermont Police Academy (includes lunch and materials), $6.50 off-campus (includes materials).
  • Registration: Fax the in-service registration form (Word or PDF) to 802-483-2343 or email it to our registrar at
    • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Certification course. This course provides officers training in the setup, testing and operation of any LASER speed measuring device.
    • Participant is urged to bring a Laser device to class.
    • Four hours in classroom.
    • Four hours supervised practical training. (Officers should be in uniform and prepared for traffic enforcement.)