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NRA Pistol/Shotgun Instructor Course

NRA Pistol/Shotgun Instructor Course

  • Coordinator:  Jason Williams
  • Length of Course: 5 days (approximately 44 hours)
  • Course hours:  0800 - 1700
  • Date/Location:  17 – 21 July, 2017 / Vermont Police Academy range and classroom 3
  • Tuition:  $645 payable directly to the NRA, plus an additional $37.50 payable to the Vermont Police Academy on the morning of the first day of the class for facility use and range fees for all students attending.                 
    • Meals and overnight lodging are also available at the academy for an additional cost of $215 for the week billed to you or your agency. 
    • Commuting students may elect to purchase lunch at the academy for $11.00 per meal payable in the dining facility each day.
  • Registration:  Visit the NRA website at to register.  The Vermont Police Academy IS NOT accepting the registrations for this course.

The Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council and the National Rifle Association are teaming up to bring the New England area law enforcement community a combination pistol and shotgun instructor course to the academy on the 17th through the 21st of July, 2017.  The NRA has enjoyed a long history of providing high quality training to law enforcement officers across the country, and this course promises to deliver the same high level of training.  Please read the eligibility requirements carefully as set forth by the NRA by following the link in the registration section of this announcement.  This course is open to all “sworn” law enforcement officers and is not limited to firearms instructors; however current instructors are strongly encouraged to attend to enhance their skills.  This is also an excellent course for those who are interested in attending a VCJTC firearms instructor course in the future.  A link to the NRA’s webpage describing the class can be found here:

Vermont officers:

This course does not meet the requirements set forth by the Council for VCJTC firearms instructor certification, and if attended, a potential instructor must still attend the VCJTC course for certification as a Firearms Instructor. 

The NRA’s course description is below, copied from their website:

Handgun/Shotgun Instructor
This school compresses the handgun instructor school to 3 days and adds 2 days of shotgun instructor training. Student classroom presentations, concealed-carry training, and unconventional shooting positions are replaced with shotgun marksmanship and handling classroom presentations and range work. Shotgun drills include firing from cover, use of kneeling and prone positions, moving targets, malfunction clearing, firing on the move, and transitioning to the handgun. In addition to the above mentioned required equipment, the following are ALSO necessary for this school:

  • Duty-type, law enforcement 12 gauge pump or semi-auto police shotgun equipped with a sling.
  • 900 rounds of duty or training handgun ammunition.
  • 50 rounds of duty or training 12 gauge slugs.
  • 20 rounds of duty or training 12 gauge 00 buckshot.
  • 100 rounds of birdshot (#6, #7½, #8 or #9).

A backup handgun is NOT required for this school.

The shotgun and buckshot must be capable of shooting a group no larger than 18 inches at 15 yards in order to pass the course.

Rifled shotgun barrels are inappropriate for this school and are not allowed.

Please direct all questions regarding prerequisites and course requirements to the NRA Law Enforcement training division at .  All questions regarding the facility, meals and lodging can be directed to