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Post Basic Shotgun Familiarization

  • Coordinator:  Jason Williams
  • Length of Course:  8 hours
  • Course hours:  0800-1630
  • Date/Location:  8 June, 2016/ VPA classroom 3
  • Tuition:  Commuting: $78/ Overnight: $116.50 (if the student is bringing their own ammunition then subtract $50.40 from the course cost)
  • Registration: Fax the in-service registration form (Word or PDF) to 802-483-2343 or email it to our registrar at

This course is designed to provide the newly graduated officer with the basic skills necessary to properly store, transport and utilize their shotgun or a refresher for veteran officers.  Topics covered will include operation of the shotgun, ammunition types and their usage, and proper deployment techniques.  The first half of the class is conducted in the classroom setting, and the second half of the day is spent on the range conducting live fire exercises.  Students are encouraged to bring their department’s issued shotgun or their own acceptable tactical shotgun; however the academy has some shotguns on hand for training purposes.  The student is also required to bring his/her duty belt including handgun, as well as the type of protective vest that they wear at work.  Students may bring their own ammunition, which should include at a minimum 50 rounds of handgun ammunition, 15 rounds of buckshot, 15 rounds of slug and 50 rounds of birdshot.  The academy will also provide ammunition for those departments wishing to include that cost into their tuition.  For those who bring their own ammunition and weapons, the only acceptable gauge will be 12 gauge, and all shotguns must be pump action or pump action capable.