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PR24 Instructors Course

PR24 Instructors Course

  • Coordinator:  Jason Williams
  • Length of Course: 8 hours (1 day)
  • Course hours:  0800 - 1630
  • Date: 19 April, 2017
  • Location:  Vermont Police Academy Gymnasium
  • Tuition:  Commuting $17.50
  • Registration:  Fax the in-service training application to 802-483-2343 or e-mail it to our registrar .
    • Prerequisite: Must be a currently certified Use of Force and Tactics Instructor

Course description:

This one day course is for the currently certified Use of Force and Tactics Instructor who has MEB Instructor Certification to also be certified as a PR24 instructor, and is also for the currently certified PR24 instructor who would like to refresh their skills.  All UOF and T instructors who wish to become Instructor Trainers must have instructor certifications in MEB, PR24 and OC, in addition to basic MDTS instructor certification.  This course meets that prerequisite to apply for instructor trainer status.  The entire course will be held in the gym and will include written and proficiency testing at the conclusion.  Participants should wear comfortable gym attire and have their duty belt with them, as well as a PR-24 with a PR-24 holster.