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SIG SAUER Master Pistol Instructor Course

SIG SAUER Master Pistol Instructor Course

  • Coordinator:  Jason Williams
  • Length of Course:  16 hours
  • Course hours:  0830 - 1700
  • Date/Location:  11 – 12 May, 2016; Vermont Police Academy.  The class will begin in the VPA UOFTS room located in the scenario building.
  • Tuition:  SIG SAUER course tuition is $600 which will be billed to you or your agency by SIG SAUER Academy fees billed separately are $36.50 for commuting students and $75.00 for overnight students.
  • Minimum number to hold in class:  10
  • Maximum number in class:  16


Contact the SIG SAUER Academy Training Coordinator via phone at 603-610-3411.

This class is limited to law enforcement professionals, and SIG SAUER has additional prerequisites that must be met in order to attend this class.

Course description: (directly from the SIG SAUER website)


Attendees must be a previously certified firearms instructor through the SIG SAUER Academy or certified through another nationally recognized instructor development program (5 day minimum). Call SIG SAUER for clarification.

Course Outline 

We hold our instructors to the absolute highest standard and we teach to the absolute highest standard. The SIG SAUER Academy wants to ensure all attendees have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet course standards. However, we understand each shooter is different and each shooter learns at a different level. Therefore, qualification standards allow students to quickly assess their abilities in a controlled environment in order to prepare them for the next level of training. We talk the talk and walk the walk. All SIG SAUER Academy instructors are required to pass a semiannual master level qualification course in order to maintain instructor status.

Successful course credit requires a passing score on a shooting qualification test to be administered by the instructor before course conclusion. This shooting qualification is specifically developed to test the skills, safety, and techniques taught in this course. The qualification and standard will not be posted or made available. Students who do not pass this qualification will receive a certificate of attendance for the course.

The following is a course outline of what you can expect to cover:

  • Understanding and teaching visual input necessary for success
  • Understanding and teaching biomechanics
  • Adult learning styles for performance improvement
  • Breaking down the barriers of conventional training
  • Inoculating the new shooter
  • Foundational drills and skills for repeatable success
  • The law of non-arguable 'Y's
  • Establishing metrics for program success
  • Pistol in good working order with at least 3 magazines
  • Sturdy belt at least 1.5” wide
  • Strong side hip duty or concealment belt holster
  • Magazine pouch
  • Hearing protection
  • Wrap-around eye protection
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Estimated round count: 900 rounds pistol