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Solo Engagement Tactics Training

Solo Engagement Tactics Training

  • When: April 17-18 0800-1600 hrs
  • Where:
    • Manchester Elementary & Middle School
    •  80 Memorial Avenue
    • Manchester Ctr, VT 05255 
  • Cost: $595.00 per person
  • Register at:
  • Register by Phone: 330-661-0106

For the first time ever in Vermont, the Manchester Police Department is bringing RAIDER Solo Engagement Training to Manchester Center, VT. 

  RAIDER (Rapid Deployment, Awareness, Intervention, Decisiveness, EMS, Recovery) solo-engagement training is designed to provide officers with necessary mental and physical skills to draw attention of the active shooter away from the potential victims, confuse and frustrate the shooter, and successfully neutralize the situation through very aggressive, but not reckless action.

 The 2-day course is designed to provide Officers with a new skill set of moving alone in hostile environments. The course involves classroom and scenario instruction, which are delivered in a logical progression (Airsoft guns only)

Course Modules:

  - Classroom: Background and Introduction. Case studies and history fo active shooters

  - Drills and movements: Introduction to solo engagement movements. Team movements       vs. Solo movement comparison. Movement exercises. Solo engagement tactics.

  - Review of Solo Engagement Tactics (drills and movements)

For more information, Contact:

Chris Mason - Manchester Police Department -

Stacie Jackson - ALICE Training Institute -