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Supervising Sobriety Checkpoints

Supervising Sobriety Checkpoints

  • Coordinator: Leslie Bodette
  • Length of Course: 5 hours
  • Course Hours: 1500 to 2000 hours
  • Date & Location: September 21, 2017 at Rutland Police Department
  • Tuition: Commute - $16.50 (dinner is included)
  • Registration: Fax the in-service registration form (Word or PDF) to 802-483-2343 or email it to our registrar at

This course will familiarize the student with the general aspects of coordinating a Traffic Enforcement Program within their agency.

Topics will include:

  •  Vermont Highway Safety issues and priorities
  •  Grant procurement and administration
  •  Crash data analysis and using it to justify your program
  •  State and National programs
  • Role of the traffic supervisor
  • DUI/Sobriety checkpoint law
  • Using the media effectively
  • Principles of traffic enforcement
  • Canine operations and checkpoints


As we in Vermont realize, it is getting increasingly difficult to “do more with less.” This course will prepare the student to coordinate local and county-wide initiatives to further our primary highway safety goal of reducing deaths and injuries on our roadways. An actual sobriety checkpoint will be set up at the end of the lesson so Department uniforms MUST be worn to this training.