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DATES: May 22- 26, 2023 (5-days / 40 Plus-hours)

LOCATION: Hale Mountain Fish & Game Club Range 684 Rod and Gun Club Rd., Shaftsbury, VT 05262

COST: $599 per student

REGISTER: email for the registration to reserve your seat.

DESCRIPTION: This school teaches the student how to instruct basic rifle marksmanship and officer survival tactics for the patrol environment. Students should already be proficient in the weapons use and should be a firearms instructor or tactical team member, however individuals planning on attending a firearms instructor school are also welcome. Each graduate will be able to make recommendations to their department regarding deployment, equipment, tactics, and policy issues. Every graduate will be proficient in various methods of instruction, the weapons use from various shooting positions and ranges from contact to 100 yards. Further, students are exposed to night fire evolutions (depending on range limitations), moving targets, multiple adversaries, and engagement through intermediate barriers. Students should be in good physical condition to attend this course.

STANDARDS: Because this is an “INSTRUCTOR” course, it is performance based and requires students to pass a written examination, a qualification course of fire, and complete an assigned lesson plan satisfactorily.

EQUIPMENT: Rifle with a sling (Pistol round carbines may be unable to pass), at least three magazines, and 1,000 rounds of practice rifle ammunition. If possible, we recommend the practice ammo be the same weight as your duty ammo and for the student to bring 50 rounds to ensure a good zero with duty ammunition. Combat optics and red dots, iron sights, and a BUIS system, are all permissible. . Learning how to zero your weapon sight and a backup sight is a course objective. Bipods and sniper scopes are not allowed. Students should bring clothing appropriate for environmental conditions, eye and ear protection, personal body armor (MANDATORY) & cleaning equipment. Students should bring the ammunition/spare magazine carry method their agency employs. Finally, a pistol belt and duty handgun with 100 rounds of range ammunition is required for transition evolutions of fire.


LODGING: Hampton Inn, 51 Hannaford Square, Bennington VT Phone: 1 802-440-9862 Use Government rate when reserving a room