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Vermont Police Academy Training

We strive to improve the law enforcement profession through the enlistment of the highest standards in training and professionalism and in doing so, we serve the citizens of Vermont and the greater public safety community by fostering partnerships and promoting teamwork.  We work hard to provide a modern, efficient, and welcoming training environment where everyone is encouraged and empowered to succeed and we seek to develop and maintain the best personnel to train and support the guardians of our communities by encompassing all of our core values.

The Vermont Police Academy staff supports the 24 member council. All mandates and decisions made through the council get enacted into practice through the Vermont Police Academy.

The Executive Director serves as the primary leader and oversight of operations at the Vermont Police Academy. The Director of the Academy along with the Chair of the council and all council representatives ensure that legislative mandates are interpreted, developed, and enacted. The Executive Director works for the Council as a member of the staff of the Vermont Police Academy.

Administration staff (3) develop policies for operations and procedures; HR; records administration; professional regulation process; Entrance Testing; technology support and services; facilities operations; training scheduling; certification review and completion; waivers (Rule-13 compliance and out of jurisdiction waivers); grants and MOU submission; budget and finance operations; coordination of VCJC committees and working groups; marketing and branding.

Training Staff (7) research and development of curriculum; grant writing; instructor development and recruitment; training operations coordination and development of Residential Law Enforcement candidate training, in-service training, canine program, FTO program, Level II Program, Specialized training, Pre and Post Basic Course instruction; community partner outreach and collaboration; coordination of VCJC committees and working groups; investigations for VCJC professional regulation.