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Traffic Stops & Race Data

In accordance with Sec. 26. 20 V.S.A. § 2366, state, local, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies are required to submit traffic stop and race data on an annual basis.

Additionally in accordance with 20 V.S.A. § 2359 "(a) On and after January 1, 2022, a law enforcement agency shall be prohibited from having its law enforcement applicants or officers trained by the Police Academy or from otherwise using the services of the Council if the agency is not in compliance with the requirements for collecting roadside stop data under section 2366 of this chapter, the requirement to report to the Office of Attorney General death or serious bodily injuries under 18 V.S.A. § 7257a(b), or the requirement to adopt, follow, or enforce any policy required under this chapter.

(b) The Council shall adopt procedures to enforce the requirements of this section, which may allow for waivers for agencies under a plan to obtain compliance with this section. (Added 2019, No. 166 (Adj. Sess.), § 9, eff. Oct. 1, 2020.)"

Currently data should be submitted to the Vermont Police Academy, specifically to

The data below encompasses the year 2021.

D = Suspicion of DWI
E = Externally Generated
I = Investigatory
M = Moving Violation
V = Vehicle Equipment


NS = No Search
SPC = Probable Cause
SRS = Reasonable Suspicion
​SW = Warrant


C = Contraband
NC = No Contraband
X = No Search/Not Applicable


A = Arrest
AW = Arrest for Warrant
N = No Action
T = Ticket/VCVC
V = Verbal Warning
W = Written Warning

Law enforcement agencies in Vermont primarily use two Records Management Systems: Spillman and Valcour.  Unless individually linked an agency's data can be found in either the Valcour Data File or the Spillman Agencies links, use the built in filter options to find the Agency you are looking for.

Only four (4) agencies reported individually, all other agencies can be found in the Spillman and Valcour Agencies Data Files located at the bottom of the agency list.

Spillman Agencies are denoted with * next to their names.

At this time the Chrome Browser is having difficulties with the download links, we recommend that you download the files with a different browser.

Addison County SD
Barre City PD TS&R
Barre Town PD TS&R
Bellows Falls PD TS&R
Bennington County SD TS&R
*Bennington PD
Berlin PD TS&R
Bethel Constabulary TS&R
​*Bradford PD - Also uses Valcour
Brandon PD TS&R
​*Brattleboro PD 
*Brighton PD
*Bristol PD - Also uses Valcour
Burlington PD TS&R
Caledonia County SD TS&R
Canaan PD - No Employees at this time
Capitol Police Department
*Castleton PD
*Chester PD - Also uses Valcour
Chittenden Cty SD TS&R
Colchester PD TS&R
*Dover PD - Also uses Valcour
*Essex PD TS&R - Also uses Valcour
*Essex Cty SD - Also uses Valcour
*Fair Haven PD - Also uses Valcour
*Fair Haven Constabulary
*Fairlee PD - Also uses Valcour
Franklin County SD TS&R
*Grand Isle County SD - Also uses Valcour
Groton Constabulary TS&R - No data at this time
Hardwick PD TS&R
Hartford PD TS&R (Little Spillman)
Hartland Constabulary
*Hinesburg PD - Also uses Valcour
Killington PD TS&R

Lamoille Cty SD TS&R
​*Ludlow PD - Also uses Valcour

Lyndonville PD TS&R
Manchester PD TS&R
Mendon Constabulary TS&R
*Middlebury PD TS&R - Also uses Valcour 
Milton PD TS&R - Also uses Valcour
Montpelier PD TS&R
Morristown PD TS&R
Newport PD TS&R
*Northfield PD TS&R (Valcour & Spillman)
Norwich PD TS&R 2018 (Little Spillman)
Orange County SD TS&R
*Orleans County SD
Pittsford PD TS&R
*Pawlet Constabulary
*Poultney Contstabulary - Also uses Valcour

*Richmond PD - Also uses Valcour
*Royalton PD - Also uses Valcour
*Rutland City PD
TS&R - Also uses Valcour
​Rutland County SD TS&R
*Rutland Town PD
*Shelburne PD - Also uses Valcour
South Burlington PD TS&R
*Springfield PD TS&R
St. Albans PD TS&R - Also has data in Spillman
St. Johnsbury PD TS&R - Also uses Valcour
Stowe PD TS&R
*Swanton PD - Also uses Valcour
*Thetford PD - Also uses Valcour
University of Vermont TS&R
*Vergennes PD - Also uses Valcour
*VT Dept of Fish & Wildlife TS&R
VT Dept of Liquor Control TS&R
VT Dept. of Motor Vehicles TS&R
Vermont State Police TS&R
Washington County SD TS&R
*Weathersfield PD
*Wells Constabulary
*Williston PD TS&R
*Wilmington PD - Also uses Valcour
Windham County SD TS&R
Windsor PD TS&R (Little Spillman)
Windsor County SD
Winhall PD TS&R
Winooski_PD TS&R
*  Woodstock PD
*Spillman Agencies Data File