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The Vermont Criminal Justice Council's response to George Floyd’s death.

The Vermont Criminal Justice Council members witnessed, as did the rest of our country, the actions of the Minneapolis Police Officers who took the life of a man, in their custody. The VCJC would like to express our outrage, shame and sadness regarding the horrendous actions of the Minnesota Law enforcement officials responsible for George Floyd’s death. We witnessed police indifference to the life of a human being; the absolute opposite of the values that should be instilled through proper police training.


The VCJC represents leadership from all criminal justice agencies in Vermont, and reviews and approves training for Vermont’s law enforcement community. We understand it is simply not good enough to say this is not who we are. If one of us disgraces our profession all of us are disgraced. The abuse of power and force used to kill George Floyd is, at its most basic, simply not acceptable. It is intolerable in our roles as protectors, peacekeepers, and public servants.


The VCJC is committed not just to the necessary competencies in law enforcement, we are equally committed to preparing Vermont professionals to protect everyone, including the people in our custody. This training must include, and will continue to include, Fair and Impartial Policing, Police Ethics, and Use of Force and Tactics. The VCJC, and the police academy staff and instructors will be relentless in our efforts to prepare Vermont’s law enforcement with the knowledge, skills and abilities to protect and serve all people.


Christopher Brickell

Chair – Vermont Criminal Justice  Council