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Canine Sub-Committee

The VCJC Canine Committee is charged with oversight of the Vermont Police Canine Training Program. The Program’s mission is to develop canine teams that are useful and effective for their respective law enforcement agencies. The program provides basic and in-service level courses which are certified by the VCJC. All training provided is based on practical, realistic, and field-related circumstances. Performance is monitored through formal training sessions and field observations to ensure remedial training is available when needed. The expertise of the instructional staff is available to all law enforcement agencies seeking development or improvements to canine programs. The committee ensures best practices consistent with current statute and case law are implemented within Vermont’s law enforcement canine community. Committee members assist with the evaluation, certification, re-certification, and other program needs as identified.


Sub-Committee Members
• (Chair) David Dewey, Corporal, Colchester Police Department
• Robert Giolito, Lieutenant, Vermont Dept of Motor Vehicles
• Mark Redmond, Sergeant, South Burlington Police Department
• Michael Carifio, U.S. Forest Service
• Richard Slusser, Sergeant, Vermont State Police
• Richard Cloud, Chief, Chester Police Department
• Robert Sterling, Vermont Fish & Wildlife
• Scott Dunlap, Captain, Vermont State Police
• William Dodge, Chief, Barre Town Police
• Trent Martin, Corporal, Burlington Police Department
• Thomas Radford, Sergeant, Burlington Police Department (retired)
• Steven Schutt, Trooper, Vermont State Police
• Jeremy Perkins, Officer, Lebanon New Hampshire Police Department


Agendas and Minutes