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Domestic Violence Sub-Committee

The VCJC Domestic Violence Committee was originally formed in 2008 to create an eight-hour domestic violence and VCJC approved curriculum to meet training demands required through Act - 174, which added mandated domestic violence training for all Vermont law enforcement officers. Per 20 VSA §2365(a)… “to remain certified, law enforcement officers shall receive by 2011 at least eight hours of domestic violence training in a program approved by the Vermont Criminal Justice Council and the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.” Hereafter, the Domestic Violence Committee was charged with developing new domestic violence related trainings that continue to meet the Act’s statutory requirements. Vermont law enforcement officers must receive domestic violence training every two years to maintain certification and this training is required during even number years.


Sub-Committee Members
• Rachel Lawler, Governor Appointee, Howard Center
• Carolyn Hanson, Attorney General’s Office
• Jennifer Harlow, Sheriff, Orleans County Sheriff’s Department
• Heather Holter, Vermont Council on Domestic Violence
• Sarah Kunz-Robinson, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
• Cassandra Burdyshaw, Human Rights Commission
• Doug Norton, Sergeant, Vermont State Police
• Kathryn Brayton, Victim Services Director, Vermont State Police
• Jodie Bacon, Claim Specialist Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services



Agendas and Minutes